A Legal Appraisal of Labour Migration and Fair Recruitment in Nigeria


  • Chinazor Queen Umeobika Faculty of Law, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.


Labour Migration, Fair Recruitment, Migrant workers, Private Recruitment, Agencies, international labour standards


Labour migration is largely a foremost global issue cutting across most countries in the world today Labour migration basically involves recruitment of migrant workers in the various countries of destination and transit or within their country but outside their
original place of residence. Labour migration strategies which include promotion of fair recruitment is top in the agenda of states, including Nigeria, as it became imperative in order to protect migrant workers from violation of their human rights and welfare and for
the mitigation of the adverse effects of labour migration. This paper critically discusses fair recruitment practices in the recruitment of labour migrants as a national and international concern and examines the legal measures in place in Nigeria on the subject. Findings reveal that incidences of unfair recruitment practices abound in the face of increased labour migration in Nigeria. Labour Migrant rights protection activism and implementation of policies and laws are advocated.