• Ratzinger E. E. Nwobodo


For the past few decades, the menace of cultism has remained a social grenade that has persistently plagued Nigeria particularly. Being a socio-cultural confraternity that started as a constructive violence against the excesses of colonialism, it has become utterly regrettable that regardless of its birth from a noble intention, it is presently a woe to life, cultural values and the future of Nigerian people and society. We are therefore confronted with the questions of the origin of cultism, its spread to the entire Nigerian society. How did secret cult start in Nigeria? Why do people join cultism? What is their mode of initiation? Why has it continued to thrive despite efforts at eradicating it? Does the complicity of the authority promote cult activities? How does it undermine African cultural values? With the prevalent cult activities, what does the future hold for Nigeria? This essay concerns itself with the above questions. The method of analysis and description is adopted in this discourse. The findings of this piece show that cultism is an age-long association across the globe. Membership cuts across all members of the society - the elites as well as the commoners. It is also found that secret cult constitutes a serious threat to the social fabrics and values of the African people at large. The author suggests that a conscientious and a sincere effort be made towards nipping this hydra-headed monster in the bud. This can be achieved if, without prejudice, members are severely punished as a deterrent to those who may nurse the intention of joining cults.

Keywords: Cultism, Violence, Nigeria Campus, African Value.