Solution to Diminishing Music Education Principles in Nigerian Universities


  • Ikedimma Nwabufo Okeke Department of Music Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka


Educational principles are fundamental truths which are stipulated to chart the course of a given educational process. These principles may take the form of theories, ideologies, concepts, laws, moral rules, and beliefs that serve as the fulcrum of education and which demand periodic reviews and investigation for relevance. Regarding music, the truly practical way to professional competence in music education is through extensive investigation and the formulation and application of specific principles such as the nature and relevance of courses that form the curriculum of studies, the course content of each course, course allocation to teachers based on specialisation and competency, studentship and student enrolment, criteria for assigning musical instruments to students, criteria for assessment, and the measurement and evaluation of the entire music education process. Unfortunately, these principles are not sustained in most Nigerian Universities and in some cases are applied haphazardly. Several Nigerian Universities were surveyed and findings show that urgent attention needs to be given to the ideals of music education principles in order to reposition music to its proper