Addressing National Security through Contemporary Dance and Motif Conception

Arnold Udoka’s “Black Skies” as Paradigm


  • Casmir Onyemuchara Institute of African Studies University of Ibadan


Dance is a product of expression. When humans move in a formalized and ordered pattern in time and space and with rhythm to express an idea or tell a story, dance is said to have taken place. This goes to say that dance is a vehicle of communication. In every movement, there is an expression of idea. The choreographer plays on motifs which are subsequently transformed into movements. The Contemporary dance has been a style of dance that has bestowed on the choreographer the freedom of expression via movement and patterns, which was explored by Udoka in “Black Skies”. Udoka clearly highlighted, with dexterity, the vast vocabularies that could be used in addressing the pertinent issues in the Nigerian State especially as they relate to national security through the motifs of violence, religious intolerance and insecurity. This study therefore analyzes the form and content of the dance production and its relevance to the society especially this time the national security of the country is threatened through the Boko Haram insurgence,
ethnic rivalry and religious intolerance. The study concludes that dance through movement is capable of addressing issues of concern. Finally the study recommends that proper training and education should be given to dancers and choreographers for this task.