Is the Christian Religion a Conservative Force in the midst of Religious Corruption in Nigeria?


  • Uroko C. Favour Department of Religion and Cultural Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Religion, Corruption, Conservative Force, Conventional Force, Morality


The paper examines the disadvantages that the activities of Christian leaders in the church are doing to the growth of adherents of the Christian religion. In contemporary Nigerian society, it could be seen that religion is losing its place as a means of ethical control. It was discovered that Christian leaders have in recent times being involved in financial misappropriation of their respective churches funds, and sexual abuse, especially of
children. The descriptive phenomenological method of qualitative research was utilized in this paper. As part of the recommendation, it is the job of religious leaders to restore the dignity of religion as a conservative force, such as putting emphasis on the moral aspect of religious practices and avoiding formatting religion to suit their selfish aim at the detriment of their followers. Also, a punishment should be meted out to any erring Christian leader.