Igbo Language as an Instrument for Managing Security in Anambra State


  • Christiana Ngozi Ikegwuonu Department of Igbo Language Anambra State University, Igbariam Campus


This paper discusses Igbo language as an instrument for managing security in Anambra State. Language is a means of communication through speech and writing. It usually has an effect on the people of a defined area. It is a vital symbol and tool for the expression of identity, hence, experiences and activities of a people are expressed through language, especially the indigenous language(s). Language is inherently part of man and also the functional part of every society. In any nation, it is through language that adequate security can be achieved. It did not start today. It started from the creation. No peaceful nation can exist without language. Again no society can boast of meaningful development when the people feel insecure. Security is essential to the existence human beings in the society. Security is the primary target of any government that wishes to develop. Inspite of the several efforts made by both the state and the federal governments to tackle the problem of security in the country, yet, the problem still lingers. In order to maintain adequate security in any sociopolitical setting, activities and information must be carried out in the local or native language(s) of the people. Language contributes immensely in instilling patriotic and nationalistic feelings among citizens, as well as bringing about positive changes. The paper suggests the need for the state government to strengthen and guarantee language empowerment of the people through the instrumentality of their local language(s) or their mother-tongue(s).