About the Journal

UJAH is a multidisciplinary journal committed to the promotion of excellence in theoretical and applied researches and in the dissemination of research reports as tools for learning. It receives and publishes scholarly articles in the following disciplinary areas of Arts and Humanities: English, Igbo, French, Chinese, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Music, and Theatre Arts. The articles are subjected to peer-reviews and editing before they are finally accepted for publication. In the choice of articles for publication, consideration is given to quality, originality, proper organization and presentation of facts as well as to the clarity and accuracy of the facts presented. The Editorial Board also places great premium on the authors' critical and constructive views on issues under discussion. However, opinions expressed in the articles are entirely those of the authors. Book reviews are also welcome. UJAH holds that languages matter. Authors are therefore encouraged to write in their preferred language. English translation of abstract is however required. Articles forwarded for consideration should not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.