Need and Justification for the Implementation of Bibliometrics Studies in Library and Information Science Schools Curriculum in Higher Institutions In Nigeria


  • Anyaobi Grace
  • Olise N. Florence Senior Librarian
  • Idoko A. Florence


curriculum development, library and information science, library schools


This study presents the import for developing and Implementing Bibliometrics studies in Library and information science school's curriculum in Higher Institutions in Nigeria, using a theoretical approach. It observed that knowledge is increasing in a geometrical speed. Hence, identifying the growth of knowledge, core authors and most productive journals in a field becomes imperative for LIS students to learn especially as they are future collection development librarians and researchers. Hence this study provided justifications for the inclusion of Bibliometrics as a course of study in LIS schools which
included bibliometric studies opens new ways of understanding the scholarly communication process, aids in making collection development decisions etc. The study also looked at the factors that can hinder the study of Bibliometrics in library schools such as absence of qualified/ professional bibliometricians, inadequate literature, low level of technology penetration etc. Hence, workable recommendations were made. It was concluded therefore that Bibliometrics as a sub-field of library and information science is a must- taught course. 

Author Biographies

Anyaobi Grace

Assistant Chief librarian

Idoko A. Florence

Senior Librarian