Promoting Institutional Repositories in Nigerian Research Institutes

The Research Librarians’ Roles


  • Rita Chinelo John-Okeke Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Stella Ngozi Anasi University of Lagos Library, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria


Institutional Repositories, Research Institutes, Scholarly Communication, Open Access Publishing, Grey Literature


This study was undertaken to investigate the promotional strategies of the research librarians for implementing institutional repositories in four research institutes in Nigeria. Descriptive survey research design was employed and thirty (30) research librarians participated in the study. A self-developed questionnaire was used to collect information from the librarians. The quantitative data obtained were analysed using descriptive statistics. The results revealed that no research institute in Nigeria has implemented open access institutional repository. This is because the libraries were not proactive in implementing institutional repository as they lack promotional strategies such as advocacy, infrastructural development, training of library staff among others. As a matter of urgency the libraries should engage the institutions management with well-articulated written proposals for the implementation of institutional repositories. It is important the libraries do more in training library staff by encouraging them to attend workshops and conferences where issues of institutional repositories implementation are discussed. They should also understudy the strategies being employed by university libraries that have implemented institutional repositories.