Effect of Covid-19 on the Legal Profession in Nigeria: Historical and Conceptual Perspectives


  • Simon Ejokema Imoisi Faculty of Law, Edo State University Uzairue


In the past years, the world has experienced varied kinds of contagious diseases like SARS, Lassa
fever, Ebola but none has been contributed so much to global recession as the as 2019- novel
corona virus(2019-nCoV) presently known as COVID – 19 which originated from China and
spread across the world. The presence of COVID – 19 in Nigeria came as a surprise to everyone
and the magnitude of damage it would cause was unpredictable and one the nation did not
definitely prepare for and so its sudden presence caused serious economic- social meltdown. The
Federal Government began to source for better ways to curb the deadly virus and maintain
stability in Nigeria, however, the damage had already been done, the nation fell into a level of
economic recession, one it has never experienced in history and up till this moment is still
recovering from. All sectors of the economy where badly affected by this pandemic but it has
created the largest disruption of the legal profession in human history.
The aim of this paper is to critically examine the effect of COVID - 19 on lawyers in Nigeria, form
the historical and conceptual perspective. The docterinal research methodology shall be employed
in this research.

Author Biography

Simon Ejokema Imoisi, Faculty of Law, Edo State University Uzairue

Simon Ejokema Imoisi PhD, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Edo State University Uzairue.