About the Journal

The Nigeria Journal of Cooperative Economics and Management (NJCEM) is an academic and professional peer-reviewed journal published by the Department of Cooperative Economics and Management, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka-Nigeria. This journal is an outcome of the tireless teamwork and contributions of our staff, research scholars, and other eminent experts in the field of Cooperative Economics and Management.

Our department is one of the centers of research and learning in the area of cooperative theory and practice. We take immense pride in our mission to advance knowledge and create awareness in the field of Cooperative Economics and Management.

This journal is in line with Vision 200 and is designed to provide a platform for scholars to share their research, insights, and experiences on Cooperative Science and closely related fields. The aims are to create a resourceful platform to foster debate, discussions, and knowledge exchange around the critical issues affecting cooperatives worldwide.

The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the standard of
scientific excellence. Papers submitted will be published approximately two months after acceptance. All accepted papers are typed in A4 size with wide margins and double line spacing in 12 fonts. It should not exceed 15 pages including the abstract of not more than 250 words. Not more than five keywords should be provided immediately after the abstract.

The paper should be empirical or theoretical, well-researched, and persuasive.
Contributors should include a brief profile of the author including institutional affiliation and status, title of paper, abstract, introduction, statement of the problem, review of related literature, method of investigation, discussion of findings, and recommendations.

Authors should include their e-mail addresses. Manuscripts must conform with the American Psychological Association (APA) documentation style 6th edition. Journal titles should be abbreviated for multiple citations in the same year, a,b, and c, should be used immediately following the year of publication.

It is our hope that this journal will contribute significantly to the growth and development of the cooperative movement and inspire new generations of scholars and practitioners to explore and advance the cooperative model as a viable and sustainable alternative to conventional business models.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all those who have contributed to this
journal and helped us bring it to fruition. We hope that this journal will serve as a valuable resource for those seeking to understand and promote Cooperative Economics and Management.

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