• Okoye Hilary Chijioke, Ba.Ed, Mfa


The study is focused on clay as a medium of self-expression, in art and its value. A brief and simple
explanation about clay is made, and also simple explanation about clay and its chemical contents
and qualities as a medium in clay modeling, also breaking the benefits down to the artist, children
and society as a whole making clay a very cheap and highly ceremonial for creative work medium
of self-expression. The objective of this write up is to educate people generally on the importance
of clay as a natural matter and substance for mankind in terms of creativity and other essential
usages of clay as a natural material. Secondly, the types of clay available and special qualities
attached to each, and most preferable clay to work with. Another is given a clear historical
understanding of clay to man and the background history and how we can indicate our natural
clay given land. Though the federal government, fourthly telling the members of public and
educating the society on how best to prepare and use clay for a good positive result. Lastly, making
clear the health importance of clay as a medium in clay in area of Arts and medicals. The research
methodology that will be adopted is basically historical and theoretical descriptive in nature. And
the theoretical frame work is also with some references and researches carried out from related
ideas but with some uniqueness attached to the research. Research finding of some researchers
will also be mentioned during this write up at a conclusive way of improving on our natural
resources on clay will be specified. The significance of the write-up research will prove and show
that a lot could be achieved from things like clay we got from our natural environment which tells
us that we already dwell and live in land full of milk and honey, and if possible producing bricks
and exporting bricks to other countries of the world.