Application of Lean and Quality Management in AB Brewery


  • Chinedu James Ujam Department of Industrial and Production Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.
  • Harold Chukwuemeka Godwin Department of Industrial and Production Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.


Put Lean and quality Management; Variation and Waste Assessment; Supplier’s Selection Criteria, Toyota Production System performance.


The Introduction of new product brands into the Nigerian market as a strategy to attract new customers has had breweries’
struggling to meet product demands with the available capacity. In order to increase production output and satisfy customers,
operational efficiency is a topmost priority. Production analysis reveals that the brewery is underutilizing her available
production capacity due to high machine breakdown, external and planned downtimes coupled with huge amount of waste
generation within the system. These led to a comprehensive analysis of production problems of line 1 for 13 weeks, with the
application of Correlation Analysis, Pareto Analysis, quality Analysis and Toyota’s problem solving framework. The result of
correlation analysis of running time against production volume was 0.8, which is a positive trend and an indication of worthiness
of production volume positive relationship with running time, hence the need to reduce downtime to increase running time. The
result of Pareto Analysis shows that the External downtime was 46% of total downtime, while Empty Bottle Inspector (EBI) and
Washer were 12% and 10% respectively. The Un-packer has the lowest downtime of 2%. In Quality Analysis, quality of raw
material input affect machine operation and increase waste generation. In Filler, when bad crowner hooked at the rectifier,
production automatically stopped, delay of 2 minutes will result in high reject of filled bottles to avoid foreign gas introduction to
the beer. Stoppage at Filler and Labeler mostly affect production flow. 50% of total wastes were generated at the Filler and
Washer while Labeler recorded high reworks and rejects.