Existentialism, Ughwu-Death and Resilience in Urhobo Folkore


  • Peter Oghenerioborue Udi
  • Friday Akporherhe


Ughwu-death, human existence, folklore, song-poetry, bereavement


Ughwu, death is an inevitable occurrence that cuts across all cultures and societies. It is an existential concern that triggers emotional disorders such as anxieties and phobias in society. This paper examines Ughwu-death and resilience in Urhobo folklore with a view to establishing the coping mechanisms adopted for emotionally disturbed individuals in traditional society. The study adopted ethnographic design, investigating cultural materials collected from natural environment. The oral data were carefully selected based on their thematic thrust. They were collected from audio recordings, in-depth interviews and observations. The song-poetry were transcribed and translated from Urhobo language to English andsubjected to literary analysis. The study found that in Urhobo society death is portrayed in funeral song-poetry, folktales, proverbs, and proverbial using metaphors, similes, euphemisms and imagery to provide coping skills to audience.




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Udi, P. O., & Akporherhe, F. (2024). Existentialism, Ughwu-Death and Resilience in Urhobo Folkore. AWKA JOURNAL OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERARY STUDIES, 10(1), 105–123. Retrieved from https://journals.unizik.edu.ng/ajells/article/view/3190