Effects of Language and Signs in Product Packaging on the Users


  • Onyedikachi Anthony Chukwu
  • Emmanuel Chukwudi Ugwu


Communication, Effects, Language, Signs, Product Packaging


Communication makes use of diverse signals to send information through the channels. Language is all about communication and when the signs are involved, the user needs in-depth knowledge to do the needful in encoding the meaning behind the message. In most cases we use signs to send the signal. It has been observed that most time as the study found out that the users may not be very well informed, especially in most packaged products and goods. Hence, users ignoring those signs there and forge ahead to use those products, which are highly detrimental in some cases. Without the understanding towards these signs, the users keep misinterpreting and misrepresenting them. Ferdinand de Saussure's theory of sign, proposed the term semiology as the study of signs and signification process. The theory hinged mainly on two focal components: signifier (concept) and signified (sound image), hence its application to this paper. The data for this work came as a questionnaire and they were shared among one hundred and five respondents, returned and analysed. It was discovered that contrary to the widely held belief that there is a substantial level of knowledge of these signs, there is actually a low-level understanding about them. More so, this research found out that there are numerous consequences of this deficiency in knowledge ranging from environmental pollution to wastages and health hazards. The study, “Effects of Language and Signs in Product Packaging on the Users” concluded that these signs imprinted on packaged products play pivotal roles like: environmental protection, minimisation of wastages, product protection, individual protection and adequate concerns should be given to these signs once detected on the packaged products.




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Chukwu, O. A., & Ugwu, E. C. (2023). Effects of Language and Signs in Product Packaging on the Users. AWKA JOURNAL OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERARY STUDIES, 10(1), 209–223. Retrieved from https://journals.unizik.edu.ng/ajells/article/view/3195