Physician – Pharmacist collaboration in healthcare services in Nigeria from 1980-2020: a narrative review


  • Chukwubuikem Achi Pharmaceutical association of Nigeria
  • Dr


Physician, Pharmacist, Collaboration, Healthcare Services, Outcome, Nigeria, Review


 Collaborative practice between physicians and pharmacists has a positive effect on healthcare outcomes. Over the years studies have explored factors contributing to interprofessional collaboration. In developed countries attitude within the healthcare team plays a major role in good collaborative practices. While the concept of interprofessional care is still in its infancy in Nigeria, the state and extent of physician-pharmacist collaboration (2PC) studies in health services remain largely unknown in Nigeria. This study described physician-pharmacist collaboration studies in Nigeria and generated information for intervention, and policymaking. This study adopted narrative review in describing physician-pharmacist collaboration studies in Nigeria. The study was a retrieved literature search conducted on computerized databases. Search terms were used singly, in combination, and using truncation where needed. Only studies carried out in Nigeria and written in the English Language from January 1980 to December 2020 were used. Data obtained were subjected to descriptive statistics of frequency, percentage, and comparative assessment using the Oxford and Scottish Benchmarks for Study Standard.  The study lasted from April to November 2021. A total of 19 articles were used for the study. Studies done in south-south, south-west, and south-east had the highest incidence 4(21.05%) respectively. Nationwide, north-east, and north-west had the same number of articles selected 1(5.26%) respectively, apart from north-central 4(21.05%). The studies felled within the lower half of the Oxford and Scottish benchmarks for the hierarchy of study types. Most of the studies were majorly carried out in the western, eastern, and central parts of Nigeria. Systematic, narrative review and others of 2PC studies in the country were absent. Physician-pharmacist collaborative activities felled within the lower half of two standard benchmarks for the hierarchy of studies.




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